Il Museo all’aperto

The Park-Museum of Environmental Art at Poggio Valicaia, located in the hills of Scandicci, to the southwest of Florence, is the expression of an innovative artistic form that aims to rediscover the natural environment through the plastic arts.

The goal is to experiment with artistic solutions and landscape architecture to ultimately enhance the value of this historical treasure, enhancing its contemporary cultural dimension and simultaneously expanding its use and usability.

Strongly supported by the City of Scandicci and conducted and the European level, the project provides, under the artistic direction of Adiana Polveroni, for the realization of monumental works and environmental installations.

There are three works that inaugurated the park on the 12th of September, 2006, realized by three artists that represent an important chapter in the history of environmental art and outdoor sculpture. The participating artists are: Dario Bartolini, Maria Dompè e Italo Zuffi.


Dario Bartolini, an artists and architect from Florence with a long experience, proposed an installation, in part realized using local materials (chestnut), that makes by comparison with the exhibit space the central part of his contribution.

Maria Dompè, an artist from Rome particularly versed in environmental art, proposed a re-reading of the landscape and its morphology through lightweight yet intense signs that nearly blur the distinction between environment and art.

Italo Zuffi, a young artist from Romagna, thought instead of a piece that belongs to the manumental/plastic tradition, but, by virtue of the short-circuit created between the site and the proportions of the work, underlines the perceptual mechanisms of space.

Before these three pieces, in 2000 there was collocated in the park a work of Paolo Staccioli, and artist from Scandicci, with which he wished to underline the ideal continuity between Poggio Valicaia and its population.

With this project, for which these three artistic pieces signal the official beginning, the City of Scandicci begins to play a part in a European network of exchange and circulation of experiences and knowledge in the area of environmental art.

The European partners, whose cooperation has given a significant contribution to the success of the entire project, are: The Yorkshire Sculpture Park of Wakefield (United Kingdom), the Skulpturlandskap of Bodø (Norway), and The Dutch University Institute of the History of Art (affiliated with the Kroeller Mueller Museum in Oetterlo).

Poggio Valicaia boast already for some time a consolidated base of users, being no only "the park in Scandicci," but a precious green area also for Florence. Following this project, however, is expected an increase in use for both cultural and youth events.

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